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Isabel is a freelance comedy-focused commercial and film director based in Los Angeles, California. Her writing and direction is relatable and often self-deprecating which shows both in her work and especially in her viral TikTok videos. 


Not only does Isabel write and direct compelling stories, she studied how to manipulate the minds of the universe at the Adlab - an award-winning advertising school at Brigham Young University - making her fluent in the language of consumer insights and giving her an edge on the competition. 


Isabel is said to bring a positive and contagious energy to set even when she’s cold, hungry, and sleep deprived. She’d like to personally thank crafty for their contribution and mood-altering fruit snacks. Her number one priority after exceeding her clients expectations, is making sure everyone is laughing — even DIT.


Isabel is inspired daily by the books she reads, micro-history, estate sales, her identical twin sister and, of course her favorite director, Taika Waititi. 


Isabel would love to get to know you and to contribute to the ideas, messages, and stories you want to produce. If you’d like to collaborate, you can reach her through email at

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