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I'm Isabel Latimer, a.k.a. Izzy, and I'm fascinated by the stories and experiences of others. Each project is an opportunity for me to get lost in the rabbit hole of research and spend countless hours on reddit. My goal is to uncover the most inspiring insights that will elevate the message of the brand or story I'm sharing.

I started taking film more seriously in high school where I entered and won multiple competitions. In college I directed my expertise towards writing and directing, expanded my skills, and graduated in under three years with a degree in advertising. 


Today I joyfully live in sunny Los Angeles where I continue to write and create. Outside of that, you'll find me scouting estate sales, reading books (always open to recommendations), and seeking new experiences with friends. 

I'd be happy to discuss any ideas and projects you'd be interested in collaborating on. Feel free to contact me via email at anytime.

P.S. Good luck trying not to confuse me with my identical twin sister, Serena!

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